[GENTLEMEN 101] How to Choose the Perfect Suit & Style Rules You Need To Know

A suit can be a reflection of a person's taste, background; or even social class. Wearing a suit can be seen as a sign of respect, especially on formal occasions. Suits were originally from the British Royalty, worn by the Royal family and aristocrats; now, every person is able to wear one regardless of their social class. But, it is very important to pay attention to the rules and etiquettes of wearing a suit. Some tips on how to wear a suit properly:

1. Picking The Right Colour - Asian Skin Tones

For Asians, especially East-Asians who tend to have a yellow skin tone; it is better to avoid colours such as, yellow, purple and green when picking a suit; unless you are experienced in matching the colours. Navy, dark grey and neutral colours are greater choices for such individuals. For the gentlemen that have slightly darker skin tones, neutral and lighter colours are more suitable.

2. How Many Buttons? 2 and 3-Button Suits?

Whether your suit jacket has 2, or 3 buttons; the bottom button should never be fastened under any circumstances. Also, when wearing a vest, fasten all but the bottom button.

3. Matching Suits with Socks - Socks Guide

The colour of the socks is a crucial detail that one cannot miss, they could either match the colour of the trousers or in similar colour scale. Dark coloured socks go with dark suits, light coloured suits go with lighter socks; remember to avoid matching a pair of light coloured socks with a dark suit. Also, avoid white socks at all cost. In terms of the length, the socks should go up to your mid calves, it is acceptable to be longer than that, but never shorter.


4. How Long Should My Tie Be?Determine Your Tie Length And Width

The width of your tie should match the width of the suit lapels; in terms of the length, the tie should reach your belt area when standing. Important note - the colour of your tie should always be darker than your shirt.

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