[GENTLEMEN 101] How To Properly Care For A Suit? Top 4 Suit Care Guide & Tips

Any piece of garment will need proper care, a suit is no exception. Whether it is a business or a casual suit; taking good care of your garment will elevate your style and class. If you are unsure where to start, here's a basic guide to get you started.

1. A Suit Should Never Be Worn for More Than 2 Days

Many high quality suits are generally made of wool, silk, mohair or Flannel. The suits will slightly change in shape after wearing; it is best to let the garment rest and revert to its natural shape first before wearing it again.

2. Dust Is The Biggest Enemy of Suits

To retain a suit's condition, brushing the dust off the suit frequently is recommended. The types of dust and stains may be different depending on the material of the suit, some might be hard to brush off - using adhesive tapes to get them off is very effective.

3. Keep Your Suit Clean and Dry Anytime

When your suit is soaked by water or rain, it is important that you use a clean and dry white towel /cloth to dry up your suit. Then, iron your suit with a clean, white cloth on top to prevent losing its shape.

4. Hang Your Suit With A Hanger!

Finally, it is good to hang your suit with a hanger that has the appropriate shoulder width and slopes to avoid leaving the outline of the hanger on your suit.

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